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The beginnings of our company date back to 1997. First we offered our clients statistical analysis of data in the area of ​​quality, productivity, as well as marketing, sociological and psychological research. When William Patloka he met Martin O'Malley, who was at the time one of the first to hold the title in the Czech Republic Master Black Belt, we have included a methodology in our services Lean Six Sigma a Lean design. In 2008, we also focused on innovation and strengthen a team of experts focused on managing and supporting the development and production activities of international companies.

We place great emphasis on the high qualification of our experts. They are experts in methodology and at the same time they have extensive experience in high management positions of multinational companies. We do not compromise between theory and practice. We uniquely combine knowledge from technical, economic and humanities. We offer you complete services that will increase efficiency, quality and return on your work and investment.
As one of the few consulting companies we use original materials directly from the creators, which guarantee the correct interpretation and application of the methods used.

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