Lean Six Sigma: Green Belt (in English)

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Datum / čas 01. 01. 2000 Celý den
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Become a project improvement Expert! Be a competent part of the team dealing with strategic initiatives in your company! Green Belt training is composed of a mix of management, team and professional knowledge skills based on the Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

Learning these skills will enable you to successfully solve chronic problems with quality, productivity and excessive costs. Significantly improve your presentation and management skills.

After completing the training you will receive a certificate of course completion and examination and after successfully completing your improvement project, you become a certified Green Belt (the usual average amount of savings from GB projects is 1 million CZK annualised). When we assist you with selecting projects, training and coaching, the return on investment is around 2.5 months. Take advantage of our years of experience in implementing Lean Six Sigma!

The only method to earn an IASSC certification is to successfully sit for and pass an official IASSC certification exam. We do provide access to IASSC Certification exams an additional cost.

What does the training consist of?

The goal is mastery of methods, tools and processes that form the backbone of improvement projects, which in the future can serve as a solid foundation for a possible upgrade to BB level. You will master:

  • Basic principles of Lean and Six Sigma, specifically the DMAIC methodology
  • Process mapping, collection of data and information from processes and verify its reliability
  • Basic knowledge of statistics for data based decision-making and operating
  • Improvement techniques (including FMEA, Planned Experiments, 5S, Visual Management, SMED, Pull systems…)
  • Standardization and documentation, control plans and SPC


Price includes

  • training materials,
  • consultation during training,
  • support by e-mail or phone,
  • refreshment during training

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