Lean Six Sigma: Green Belt for Administrative Staff

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Green Belt in administration focuses on process improvement using Lean Six Sigma methodology. Dive into solving chronic problems with productivity and efficiency. Get rid of unnecessary costs and stress.

For whom is the Green Belt training?

  • Administrative workers
  • Team members
  • Managers
  • Staff in the Services industry
  • All others who deal with problem solving

What are you going to learn?

This course is designed to meet the needs and requirements of the administrative field, where we use our experiences from financial, energy, pharma and FMCC industries, state administration and from the administration functions of manufacturing companies. Often because company processes are not established properly, employees are doing extra work. In our training we will teach you to see waste and opportunities for improvement, simplification and acceleration of your processes.

What does the Green Belt course consist of:

  • Basic principles of Lean and Six Sigma adapted for administration processes
  • How to lead and drive improvement activities
  • How to effectively collect information from your processes
  • How to identify true root causes of issues
  • From the various options, how to select the best solution
  • How to sustain the implemented improvement

After completing our course you obtain a certificate of course completion and after successful completion of an improvement project you may become a certified Green Belt for Administration processes.


Price includes

  • Training materials
  • Consultation during training
  • Support by e-mail or phone
  • Refreshment during training

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