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Basic tools

A comprehensive set of basic statistical tools, including descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, and normality testing

Control charts

Monitoring the development of processes over time and assessing their stability. When does it make sense to intervene in the process and when is it better to let it live in your own life?

Regression and Anova

Discovering the relationship between variables and identifying important factors that affect the quality of your products and services

Quality tools

Pareto analysis, assessment of the credibility and reliability of your measurement system, process capability, scrutineering and more

Durability and reliability

Determination of product life and equipment reliability by parametric and non-parametric methods, accelerated failure testing and other tools

Planned experiment

Find optimal process settings with DOE. Choose from a wide range of plans - two or more factor, screening, blended, Taguchi

Problems can be complicated, data evaluation should not.

Intelligent data import
During easy import of data from Excel or databases, simply correct typing errors, get rid of extra spaces, mark missing values
Simple preparation
Prepare and explore your data directly in the worksheet. Quickly rearrange, find, filter, format, spell, and duplicate
Updating charts
Don't worry about syncing charts, they can be updated automatically after you add data or overwrite the original values
Easy presentation
Export charts and analysis output directly to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint for easy presentation and sharing of your results with colleagues


A guide that will lead you to reliable answers.

The assistant will help you to clearly select the right tool, understand your data and guide you to the indicators that matter most. Contact us.

Training package with license

The most cost-effective short-term option is a combination of statistical training with a 6-month or 12-month SW license Minitab. The license is tied to a specific, technical support is free during the active license. After the license expires, you can choose from the two options below. You can choose from our Statistical Training or Green and Black Belt Workouts.

Network Volume Licensing
Floating Volume Licensing gives you the ability to provide shared access to multiple users. It is limited to the number of simultaneous users at a time. Choose between 3 year and 3 year volume licensing. All updates are included in the price of the annual fee, for the 5-year variant is the annual fee for the guaranteed price. Start with a minimum of XNUMX users.
Single license

A single license over a network license is associated with a particular computer. You can choose either annual or permanent variant. For the annual variant, upgrades are included in the annual fee. In the permanent variant, upgrading to higher versions is solved by purchasing a new single license for the full price. Single license you can transfer yourself from one computer to another.

Academic licenses
Do you work in the field of academia? Do you teach statistics or do you need statistical calculations for your research? Minitab offers you a wide range of cost-effective licensing options. Write us your idea.

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Intelligent data export

We will help you with data transfer from your databases, their preparation and connection with statistical software

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