A revolutionary software solution to support innovative processes, especially their efficiency, standardization and repeatability.

Access scientific articles, patents, specialized databases, company documents, and websites

What for Goldfire use?

  • Creating innovative concepts for new products
  • Search for new markets and next generations of products
  • Formulation of competitive and technological trends and analyzes
  • Access to relevant internal and external information
  • Capture and effectively use the know-how of your employees

What are the benefits Goldfire?

  • Gain access to over 90 million relevant engineering documents including standards, patents, books, and scientific articles
  • When you search, you will see the answers to your query directly - it will also find results in your data
  • Possibility to use a unique database of scientific effects and innovative tools derived from methodology TRIZ
  • Standardized and Semantic Search Engine Supported Tools (RCA, functional analysis, FMEA, Pugh nut)
  • Knowledge of methodologies for solving innovative tasks through "Goldfire tasks "and" Solution Manager "

Who is he for? Goldfire intended?

  • Engineers, development and creative workers
  • Technical professionals

We will be happy to provide you with more information including case studies.

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