Statistical hypothesis testing

Date Time 01. 01. 2000 0:00
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Guarantor Perničková Hana
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Do you make decisions based on data? Your steps depend on who analyzed the data and when? Not sure from the data and charts you can read correctly necessary information and see the context?

Our training will show you how to analyze process data using statistical tests. We will teach you how make decisions independently who evaluated the data. You get the confidence you need to interpret the outputs.

We recommend taking the Statistical Hypothesis Testing if you want to attend courses DOE - Planned experiment a Correlation and regression analysis of statistical data.

Who is the training intended for?

  • Quality workers
  • Process engineers
  • Members of the team in charge of improvement
  • All those who need arguments that are supported by numbers for decision making
  • If you're in charge of working with numbers
  • You collect data and don't know how to use it to grow your business
  • Need help setting up your KPI

What will you learn from our training?

  • Principle of statistical tests
  • What is the confidence interval and how it relates to statistical tests
  • Interval parameter estimates (confidence intervals)
  • Statistical hypothesis testing (normality test, share tests, Chi-square test, tests of equality of variance, t-tests, ANOVA)

Why come to us for training?

Basics of statistics ONLINE course with certificate