Soft skills for Six Sigma

Date Time 01. 01. 2000 The whole day
Length 1 day Blocks of this training
Guarantor Perničková Hana
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Six Sigma it is not just about mathematical and analytical abilities. Quite often, if not mostly, human qualities such as presentation, teamwork, and communication skills determine the success of projects. It is good to realize that these soft skills are less measurable and their development requires training and time. By using soft skills correctly, you can develop yourself or the hidden potential of your workers.

What you get by training:

  • You will acquire knowledge of communication and presentation
  • You will gain confidence in presentations or real communication situations
  • You will realize the different roles of each team member and their contribution
  • You will understand how to effectively build a team
  • Learn how to make the most of your team's potential
  • You will learn the difference between a working group and a team
  • Get specific feedback on your team role with Belbin's Team Role Test

Who is the training intended for?

  • To all Six Sigma workers (Yellow, Green and Black Belts)
  • Project managers
  • Head


4.000, - CZK / person (without VAT)

Price includes

  • Training materials,
  • refreshments during training.

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