RCA: Root Cause Analysis

Date Time 01. 01. 2000 0:00
Length 1 day Blocks of this training
Guarantor Perničková Hana
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Tired of solving the same problems over and over again and extinguishing only their symptoms? We'll show you how to get rid of chronic problems and repeated defects in production, assembly and other activities. Our training will help you discover the real causes of the problem, organize a large number of causes, and prevent them from recurring.

Learn how to solve problems quickly and successfully. At our course, we will introduce tools you can use to solve problems effectively. You will also try these tools in practice.

Who is the course designed for?

  • Workers from production
  • Masters, process management
  • Quality management
  • Middle management
  • Top management

What will you learn from the training?

  • Search for root causes of defects
  • Prevent recurrence and chronic problems
  • Find out when the problem is with the machine, material, operator, procedures or environment
  • Practically and effectively use appropriate tools

Our training is practical and based on combining theory and practice - Simulation games are intertwined by training. The knowledge you have acquired will help you identify and correct the real causes of the problem.

What does the course consist of?

Why come to us for training?

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