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Date Time 01. 01. 2000 The whole day
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The goal of mapping method VSM (Value Stream Mapping) is capture all key flows - Work, information, materials and other important process metrics. Creating a map is more demanding than creating flowcharts, but brings more knowledge. It is much more useful for discovering and quantifying wastethat can be removed. Therefore, you will create faster and simpler processes that respond more flexibly to changes in customer demand and make employees better oriented.

Who is the VSM course designed for?

  • Production workers, foremen
  • Process engineers
  • Quality managers
  • Middle management
  • Anyone who needs to map their processes

What will you learn about VSM training?

The training is intertwined simulation gamewhere the participants will try to map and analyze the current state of the process using VSM, including the discovery of waste and a proposal for an improved state. In practice they will experience advantages of creating a value flow map:

  • Visualization and detailed description of the process
  • Team mapping, where everyone has only partial knowledge of the process, helps to understand the process as a whole and its current problems
  • It helps the team identify opportunities for improvement and realize how the process should work after the waste is eliminated
  • It helps communication inside and outside the organization

Price includes

  • Training materials
  • Refreshments during the course

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