Date Time 01. 01. 2000 0:00
Length 3 days Blocks of this training
Guarantor Perničková Hana
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Wondering how to wake up in people motivation and activity? Want to move with culture inside your team or the whole company? Looking for a way accelerate the development of the organization? Are you facing a major change and considering where to start?

Come find your answers. We do not give template guides - we open the way to understanding the principles. We measure usefulness. We develop leadership with immediate implications for practice.

How does it work?

The program does not resemble traditional training or training. It is a modern workshop based on the personal experience of the participant, not on the presentation of facts by the lecturer. Participants spend most of their time in teams performing assigned activities (eg identifying behaviors in a movie or preparing a project plan), measuring results, exploring the usefulness of their habits, and exchanging experiences. This creates space for discovering one's own leadership style, realizing its influence on the team, and setting personal development goals.

What will you do?

  • Understanding the influence of thinking and behavior styles on the working environment
  • Awareness of your strengths and weaknesses in teamwork and communication
  • Development of reflection and self-reflection
  • Find specific answers on how to be more useful for team results
  • Get exceptionally open feedback from all team members
  • Understanding how to develop an organization to improve its performance
  • Creating a personal development plan for the coming months

Who is the program for?

Members of company management, teams of their co-workers, entrepreneurs.

Why come to us for training?

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