G8D and QRQC

Date Time 01. 01. 2000 0:00
Length 1 day Blocks of this training
Guarantor Perničková Hana
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Solve problems swiftly, efficiently and to customer satisfaction. Learn effective methods of managing and improving the quality of that processes respond quickly to problemswhere the cause is unknown.

We follow the motto Learning by doing, our training is practical, it combines theory and practice. Participants will acquire knowledge and skills i in the form of simulation games.

Methodology G8D is required by customers to address and communicate quality issues that have emerged. G8D, used in its original form by Ford and the US military, is responding to the trouble and prevents non-conformities from reaching the customer repeatedly. Mastering and implementing this methodology will speed up problem identification, troubleshooting and standardize communication with the customer.

Complementing the method QRQC achieve a quick quality control response and avoid recurring problems. You will be able protect your internal processes and prevent poor quality product from reaching your customer.

Who is the G8D and QRQC course for?

  • Company management and quality management
  • Quality workers, quality engineers
  • Process engineers
  • Work team members
  • Other problem-solving staff

What will you learn about G8D and QRQC?

  • Introduction, role of prevention and prevention of problems
  • Preparation for process D, team creation, problem description
  • Temporary Reduction of Damage Measures (ICA)
  • Defining and verifying root causes and escape points
  • Selection and verification of permanent corrective action (PCA) for root causes and escape points
  • Implementation and confirmation of the effectiveness of permanent remedial measures (PCA)
  • Prevention of occurrence in other types and processes and closure
  • QRQC, context G8D a QRQC
  • Discussion, case studies and WS

You will gain knowledge that will enable you to become executive members of the research teams. Trained teams will be identify causes of problemsto perform corrective measures to prevent their recurrence, and to recommend process improvement. The work of these teams will be more efficient, effective and the result will be increased satisfaction of internal and external customers.

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