FMEA: How to reduce the occurrence of defects

Date Time 01. 01. 2000 0:00
Length 1 day Blocks of this training
Guarantor Perničková Hana
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Avoid manufacturing errors by identifying and preventing defects. Analytical method FMEA will help you in the design, development and process of a new product.

Who is the FMEA course for?

  • Workers of development, construction, technical preparation of production, production, assembly
  • Workers providing material
  • Quality management staff
  • Other workers entering the product life cycle

What will you learn at FMEA training?

After completing the training in your production, you will correctly assess and reduce the risks entering the products and processes. This optimizes processes, shortens design cycle times, increases life and reduces the scrap of your product. As a result, you will also reduce costs.

The FMEA method will improve your skills:

  • Analyze and manage risks throughout the product life cycle
  • Define possible types of defects and failures
  • Determine the possible consequences of defects
  • Evaluate the severity of defects towards the customer, including the recommended evaluation criteria
  • Analyze the process, find the cause and mechanism of defects, optimize the process and production
  • Evaluate the probability of defects
  • Calculate risk priority indicators (risk measures, RPN)
  • Compile recommended measures and action plan

Why come to us for training?

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