Data evaluation automation - April

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Date Time 21. 04. 2020 The whole day
Length 1 day Blocks of this training 21.04.2020
Guarantor Adéla Křivská
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Prices 5 000.00 Kč without DPH
  • From 2 participants discount 3%
  • From 3 and more participants discount 6%
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Do the same tasks regularly in Minitabat? Do you repeat the same or similar reports? Do you monitor scrap, stability, process capability etc.?

On account Minitab Do this routine work for you and one click to get all the outputs. Attend our macro training session in Minitabu. The basics are sufficient to complete the course Minitabknowledge of programming is not needed.

Who is the course designed for?

For all who perform statistical analysis

What will you learn from the training?

  • What types of macros Minitab support
  • Syntax Minitab commands
  • How to Create a Custom Macro and Where to Find Information
  • Automatically import data into Minitabu
  • How to do statistical analysis with minimal user input
  • Saving and exporting outputs
  • Create icons directly in Minitabu to run the macro with one click
  • You will try to create a macro yourself on specific examples

See the difference between manual and automated data processing in Minitabu.

Why come to us for training?

11 reasons to come to us for training

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