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Short Green Belt in the administration, it certainly was a benefit to me. I have a better orientation in the process area and thanks to the course I have put into context the activities / activities that can be applied in project management. I have found that there are a number of tools that can be used for the proper functioning of the project and I intend to make full use of these tools, as they make sense. The trainers approached the training conscientiously and with enthusiasm, which I perceive very positively and I enjoyed the training. This training therefore makes sense in my opinion and I would definitely recommend it to all who are involved in project management or directly involved in projects. Tomas Fajarek, Ceska sporitelna, as

The cooperation took place in a friendly and creative atmosphere, although the schedule was quite inflated on our part. All the time Tomas had Kisela the project was firmly under control, and the positive outcomes of each stage supported the team's commitment to further work. The final result exceeded all expectations. In retrospect, I didn't say anything, why didn't we solve it ourselves. But it seems that lies the whole charm, an incredible piece of work was done with elegance and ease. And as the icing on the cake a great result. It was a huge school for our whole team that we still have a lot to learn. Super experience! Be sure to maintain a relaxed and creative atmosphere, the ease with which your instructors pass, even when the customer does not cooperate as agreed. Your entire approach is highly professional and yet human. A great combination to gain confidence and respect. Ivo Havlíček, Project Manager, Oncomed Manufacturing

In a constantly changing world, it is imperative to work continually to reduce waste in production processes, while maintaining favorable prices for the customer. SC&C is a good partner for this not always easy fight. We have been working with the company since 2011. During this time, more than 20 of our leaders in methodology have been trained and subsequently certified read/ six sigma. In our long-term cooperation we most appreciate the pro-customer approach of the trainer and the comprehensible interpretation of the issue with the appeal to common sense, which unfortunately often disappears in today's over-engineered times. We recommend working with SC&C Partner. Jan Morava, Lean/ GROWTTH manager, Freudenberg

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in this training (note: 25 Daily Innovation Methods course), which greatly expanded my insight into this complex issue and in a way completed me professionally. Jiri Fiala, Tescan

Trainings Lean Six sigma at SC&C Partner I can judge both as a graduate and as a person responsible for education and development at Siemens. I enjoyed the courses, they are action-oriented, lively and mainly led by people with years of experience and a broad overview, so they prepared me well for the realization of my Six sigma project. I also appreciate the willingness of the lecturers to come to our company in person and to support project solvers and their sponsors beyond the scope of the contract. During the preparation and organization of trainings, I have always met the willingness to meet us in terms and emphasis in the content of the courses at SC&C Partner. Vít Heinz, Training and Development
Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery

Thank you very much for how you managed to make one of the right ideas about what it is read… I really enjoyed the training and it's the same for my colleagues. Certainly we will use the acquired knowledge. Alena Jandová, Lean and Six Sigma Coordinator,
Continental Corporation

Implementation of lean manufacturing principles (Lean & Six Sigma) is one of the main tools of ADC Czech Republic, sro in fulfilling the strategic goals of the company. The global economic situation in our company is reflected in the partial release of production capacities. Thanks to cooperation with SC &CP we managed to effectively use these spare capacities for extensive training activities focused on Lean & Six Sigma. We greatly appreciate the willingness and flexibility of the SC&C Partner trainers, thanks to which we had the opportunity to customize the training exactly to our liking and start training in the first wave of the project. At present, 25% of direct production employees are trained on lean manufacturing principles and we believe that we will be able to further increase this ratio. Pavel Říman,
Head of Manufacturing Engineering, ADC Czech Republic

Green Belt The training I have done in your company is one of the best I have ever done in my professional life. I appreciate the high professional and human quality of lecturers. I could immediately apply the knowledge gained in training to my practice. I believe that in the future I will be able to use the services of your company. Petra Plevová, Quality Manager,
The town of Kopřivnice

I was excited, the impressions are such that the trainer really had a lot of experience and in terms of expertise, it was a lot of quality and strongly above average. As a trainer DFSS I'd like that one Minitab again. Michal Vajdák, DFSS trainer, Honeywell

The last day of training awaits me Minitab - Basic and I have to say that the training fulfilled my ideas in every way. Knowledgeable trainers show us how useful software is Minitab and everything you can do with it, in a pleasant environment on the outskirts of Brno, overnight at the course, as well as lunch, ie. minimal loss and at the same time at least a bit of relaxation on a quite demanding training topic. Lubomir Sopuch, Quality Specialist, Visteon Autopal