Helena Konečná

Senior Consultant

Mr. Helena Konečná she has practical experience in the production and transaction environment since 2001. Her skills include training, leading practical workshops and coaching. He has a deep knowledge of methodology Lean a Six Sigma. During her practice, she trained hundreds of Green Belts, Yellow Belts and Lean specialists, led and participated in many projects and Kaizen events. It focuses on the use of elements of self-knowledge and personal development to improve creativity, personal satisfaction, co-creation, communication and teamwork in improvement activities.

Expertise and practical experience 

  • Practice in a production environment such as Black Belt a Lean Expert (Celestica, Honeywell), in a transactional environment in state administration, has been working for the company since 2007 SC&C Partner
  • Diverse experience with the implementation of the methodology DMAIC Lean Six Sigma and SSPD
  • Green Belt Training and Coaching Lean Green Belts in Czech and English, support for their personal involvement
  • Leading and participating in projects aimed at diagnosing opportunities, reducing defects, reducing inventory and increasing productivity, Kaizen events focused on eg Kanban, process mapping, value flow VSM, SMED, 5S, balancing and line reeingineering
  • Process improvement methodology Lean Six Sigma
  • Methodology for process and product innovation Six Sigma Process Design
  • Presentation skills, personal development, creativity support, communication and teamwork
  • Fluent communication and training in English, professional translations and proofreading of texts
  • Conducting trainings, Kaizen events and workshops

Education, certification and achievements

  • Ing., Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Six Sigma Black Belt (BMG certification, Celestica)
  • Lean Expert (Honeywell)
  • SSPD process and product innovation (SBTI)
  • Train the trainer (Dynamic Training Corporation), Coach Training and Coaching (Else), Presentation Skills (RCA)
  • Accreditation for Belbin's team roles
  • Seminars on self-knowledge, development of creativity, improvement of communication and co-creation
  • First Certificate in English, long-term stays abroad