We bring you inspiration, knowledge and enthusiasm

Do you need to increase the efficiency of development and production? Simplify and speed up administrative processes? Increase productivity and improve product quality? Can't find the cause of errors and reduce scrap? Are you trying to ensure the growth and development of the company and do not know what opportunities to take advantage of?

We will advise you. Through consultation
and collaboration on projects

  • We'll teach you how to improve quality and reduce scrap
  • You will get a tailor-made action plan from us to achieve your goals
  • We will show you how and where to evolve in the light of the latest trends and competition
  • We will reveal how to correctly evaluate and interpret big data
  • Together with you we will find the root cause of the error and suggest how to fix it
  • We will stay with you until the solution is fully deployed and standardized

When should we use our services?

  • At problemswhere you do not know the root cause. Typical examples are fluctuations in defects, unstable process yield, long and unpredictable product delivery times, high costs due to poor quality and wastage.
  • When customer requirements automotive industry to the correct application of methods and procedures within APQP, PPAP, VDA, Design for Six Sigma and sub - tools such as DOE, FMEA, SPC, MSA, and others.
  • When it's fails to achieve and maintain value Cpk, Ppk, ppm and the like.
  • At analysis of company datawhen you try to identify relationships and causal relationships in different tables and databases. Thanks to many years of experience we will jointly set the goal of the analysis, select adequate methods, prepare data sets, perform calculations, interpret the results and help to achieve improvement.
  • At overload your employees. We can lead improvement projects, automate calculations and reporting based on your information systems.

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